Romance is still alive... just hard to locate. Today's singles are looking to find true love, more than ever but many haven't been fortunate enough to be in that perfect situation to find their soul mate. Why not use technology combined with the expertise of a matchmaker to give you that opportunity to find a lasting and loving relationship.

Find Me Romance is a premier matchmaking agency providing our clients with discreet, personalized, one-to-one attention. We were created to fill the void found in large, popular matchmaking agencies and dating sites. We offer a clean, proven approach to accommodating relationship-minded singles interested in finding the life partner of their dreams. The secret to our high success rate is we take the time to really listen and understand the needs of our clients. Most importantly, we're very good at finding them what they want.

Start your journey and begin the path of a life filled with love and romance. Let Find Me Romance work for you!

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Why There’s No Time Like the Present to Find the Love of Your Life

Finding the love of your life is the most important discovery we make.  Nothing will bring you more lasting joy, peace and happiness than knowing you have found the person you were meant to share your life with.  Find Me Romance was designed on this premise.  In order to find your perfect relationship it’s essential to go through a careful process of sharing and discovery where we clearly understand what’s important to you.

It’s critical to find someone who appreciates your outlook, shares your interests, and respects you.  Attraction and compatibility are largely based on feelings of being recognized and understood.  Someone being able to see your true inner gifts and beauty -- and loves you for them.

Your ideal matchmaker has the capacity, psychological insight and emotional sensitivity to understand not only what you want but what you need.  Like any important decision, there’s more to discovering your life partner than just shopping in a catalogue.  The process takes patience as it’s a precise art form that requires a specialized skill set.   Find Me Romance’s matchmakers have invested years in training and working with singles and are equipped with the skills and intuition to make the difference in meeting the person you’ve been waiting for.  It will be our privilege to make the introduction.

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